Spring Cleaning – Feng Shui Principles

Spring is in the air and it’s so welcomed here in the mountains! Anyone else feeling inspired to shift the energy and clear space for all things new?

In the past, people believed that the spring cleaning ritual was a representation of getting rid of the bad luck of the previous year, symbolically purging negativity while ushering in the new, and all the positive energy that is sure to follow in the coming one.

One key principle of feng shui is the bagua, an energy map that represents different areas of your life. By aligning these areas with the corresponding areas of your home, you can create a space that supports your goals and aspirations.

To use the bagua, stand at your front door and look in. The area of the bagua that corresponds to the wall facing you is the area of your life most impacted by the energy in that part of your home. (Google a map of the bagua as a guide)

Here are some tips for enhancing each area of the bagua:

✨Wealth/Prosperity: Add elements that represent abundance and prosperity, such as green, purple, or gold colors, or symbols of wealth like a bowl of coins.

✨Fame/Reputation: Add elements that represent fire, such as candles or the color red.

✨Love/Relationships: Add elements that represent love and relationships, such as the color pink or a pair of objects that represent a happy relationship.

✨Family/Health: Add elements that represent earth, such as pottery or crystals, to promote grounding and stability.

✨Creativity/Children: Add elements that represent metal, such as sculptures or wind chimes.

✨Knowledge/Wisdom: Add elements that represent knowledge and wisdom, such as books or a globe, the colors blue or black.

✨Career/Life Path: Add elements that represent water, such as a fountain or a mirror, to promote flow and clarity.

✨Helpful People/Travel: Add elements that represent helpful people and travel, such as a map or the color white.

✨Center: Add elements that promote grounding and stability, such as a rug or a low table.

Happy Spring Cleaning! ????

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