The perfect home doesn’t exist, and that’s okay.

In our quest for a safe home, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of perfection. I see it almost daily in the clientele I work with, and I empathize greatly with it. Most of my clients have been through major trauma. Myself included.

We envision an abundance of nature, picture-perfect neighborhoods, mold-free environments, no off-gassing, no carpets, no nearby cell towers… perfection. But let’s pause for a moment and shift our focus towards what truly matters: a home that is healthy for you. And maybe it has potential to be even healthier after a bit of work. In my experience, it often looks a little different than envisioned, with compromises to boot.

The journey to a safe home after experiencing the trauma of a sick home is both challenging and yet empowering. I’ve fled from sick homes more than once. I personally know the overwhelming need for safety, especially when your foundation (e.g., your home) has proven itself unsafe. It is soul-crushing in ways many will fortunately never understand. That quest for safety can become all-consuming.

Trust that you can heal, even when your new home isn’t perfect.

Pick your non-negotiables. I always ask my clients, “What’s your poison?” And then we work from there, finding the best options for their health needs and getting creative in how we mitigate the cons. So much can be done to help homes, such as EMF shielding, dirty electricity filtration, air filtration, swapping of toxic materials, safeguarding against potential future issues, sealing off-gassing materials etc.

Remember that compromise is not synonymous with settling. It’s about making intentional choices that prioritize your health while recognizing that perfection is an ever-evolving concept.

Surround yourself with professionals who understand the complexities of your situation. Explore options that strike a balance between what is non-negotiable for your health and what is acceptable in your chosen home.

Most importantly, learn to trust your intuition again and your body’s ability to heal.

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